Working Class Heroes

Working Class Heroes is a beautiful song by John Lennon, but also a statement, maybe even a goal. And since 2011 a Recruitment Agency run by me, Erik Bell. I started recruiting in 2006 for a large English agency and fell in love with the profession, but when the chance arose to start an own business with 2 friends, UChoose was born. It was a great experience to build this company and although I learned some valuable lessons and had a lot of fun, we decided to separate our business and I went solo with a focus on what I think is the most interesting and fun part of Software Development: Mobile Development, Working Class Heroes was born!

Erik Bell

When I started my own company 7 years ago, I used this freedom to do some travelling, a long cherished dream. With modern technology it was possible to combine this with work and so I was able to do my job while enjoying the beauty of places like the San Blas Islands, Galapagos, Antarctica and West-Papua. Apart from travelling, I love everything that gives me energy: Meeting people, my family, Tesla Model X, Cult Football teams and the unique people I get to know through my work.


I’m Izzy (Hot Fuzz It’s Izzy of Ozzles family actually), a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. According to my family tree I am a bitch, but I don’t feel particularly feminine. Most days I follow Erik to his office, he has a bench for me there which I use occasionally as I prefer to lie on my back at anyone’s feet. I do everything for a pat on my belly. At the end of a hard days work, I joggle back home in a very low gear unless I find a stick to carry or even a better a whole branch, then I get very active. After diner I fall a sleep on the family couch. They say I snore.


  • Specialized in Mobile Development Mobile Developmentis our world and we know everybody who is anybody
  • Over 10 years experience We know how the process goes, who, where and when to approach. When to step up and when to step back.
  • More than 250 placements In all modesty, we are good at what we do. Your time is valuable to us and will use every bit of our network and experience to help you find the best match.


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